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Sexy Gurlz by LaughingGurl


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July 1, 2013
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Cheeky Devil by vera-baby Cheeky Devil by vera-baby
Sahand Vafaee Photography
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I could go on and on about the hidden layering you have intentionally, unintentionally or has been put in as a product or your very complicated nature. I could go off on countless side descriptions of the background objects and how they make parallel analogies to your figure. it really seems as if you are powerful enough the make the surrounding environment radiate from you and have you be a sufficient source. This will be hard to focus and pick only some of the many awesome things about this picture that jump out at the viewer.

I must most importantly say I love your choice to wear all black but I layers that are not only hardly noticeable but that make it as if there is more than one shade of black. The way no part of your body is spared a black draping makes your choice of clothes fade into what you are. Even you white skin seems to be able to accomplish the impossible task of radiating black as if you have a black sensual aura that is more powerful than your clothes.

The strongest mood I get from this is you are powerfully yet suttlely relaxed and confident in how you are. It does not matter to you that some of your clothing is ripped or seems feeble as you are suing that to your advantage. You like the harmonious yet disorganized vibe your clothes give off. Their strength is the fact that they are casual.

And now we come to the hair.... the oh so jet black yet sensually soft hair. it almost seems to flow like a waterfall, complementing and accentuating the length of your body. You hair alone easily makes a bigger statement than your clothes as you have left your hair free to express it's self. It is evident that you have let every part of your body express it's self, gracefully competing for the attention of the camera yet working together for better or for worse with every other part.

The only thing I would really change about this is a wider background, I say this tentatively because you seem to have made that work as well in a nicely contradictory style. Even though there is not much in the background, the fact that no ends or walls are evident are a testament to the fact that the background seem endless and continuous despite how little of it is shown. On a weird side note the black frame of the window and the slits in the air vent add an extra dimension to your overall radiantly black persona.

For more than obvious reason you made a good choice by leaving most of your skin bare. You seem to have cleverly hidden yet oh so obvious and gorgeous curves when they are given the opportunity to show. You are truly the very human manifestation of masterpiece embodied in physical form. You every curve tells a story of it's own that the other could not tell or would not want to. Yes I notice the wonderful butt and how the position of your legs makes you seem elegantly tall. Even the way you brace yourself more for the benefit of the audience than yourself. Every crevice seems to be a sanctuary of it's own. Your curves are a balance between tight and inviting.

One thing that only a keen eye would notice is the fact that most of your tattoos are still fully visible yet tinted by the fishnets. they create almost a hidden dimension of unknown location between your choice of clothes you the masterpiece under them. A thing you may not get often but is a sensual journey in it's self is you well placed eyeliner. You know how to make it uniquely you having fun with it. This picture would not be what it is without the blackness outlining the eyes.

You may or may not have artistic genius for making your eyes an off center focus for the picture but it seems like you are still allowing them to express volumes even if the viewer has to make effort to read them.

Even if not a literal symmetry this picture is loaded with conceptual symmetries and balances the most haunting and prominent of which is your reflection in the window as if it is another side of you in another world that likewise wants to share in telling the story that is Vera. Overall I will say excellently made.
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Rammsteinfan1994 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
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You look good with every hair! Your ass is amazing in this one!!
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this is the most sexy Pic here... :D I Love it.
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You have such a great body! No words can describe it!
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in love with that ass
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ooo wow
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Amazing and Lovely
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