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February 23
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.: Calico Basin :. by sideshowsito CALICO BASIN by vera-baby
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jdavison67 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
These shots are amazing!
Very polished with, what looks to be, high production value.
Nice work!
Very Cool!
Instant Fav.
RDutch Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
Don't know where you acquired the headdress but the artist who crafted it deserves recognition. Having crafted a few of these and other Native American leatherwear over the years, myself, can attest that these are complex and and not easy to fabricate. So I just have to say I am impressed with the graceful and artistic beauty of this headdress. You could have chosen a far inferior specimen (as I seen done far too many times), in my mind insults not just the culture drawn from but also the model. On another track, the unusual pairing of the traditional Native American gear and the Steampunk inspired tattoos could lend itself to a new sub genre of Native American Steampunk. The storyline potential could prove quite interesting.
vera-baby Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
I abolsutely agree, I wish I knw who made it though. I purchased the headdress in New Mexico and speak a bit about it on my website. I know it is Navajo but I don't know the artist. It took my breath away when I spotted it though. I only hope a great portion of the money that I spent on it goes to the artist.
missdiazxox Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Professional Photographer
I think this is beautiful! I'm not Native American but it bothers me when people say head dresses were only for the men to wear.... If any other races refused to allow a women to wear something that's considered men's attire it would be considered sexist.  People can say its a culture thing all they want but just because its a culture thing doesn't make it right... look at can have child Brides.
semi234 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
So YOU are the lovely model I've been seeing on the photographer's MM site when he posts announcements over there. Very nice shot the both of you produced.
CorryRox Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Saddust Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Beautiful ! Great work !
tchmyf4 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
this photoshot is amazing, very beautiful 
JLNagel Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Beautiful, as always, Vera. I hope you don't let these people complaining about cultural appropriation get you down.

People, if you aren't Native American, don't speak for an entire culture. Talk about "cultural appropriation." You don't even care about or think about this issue at all until you see an image like this. Then you see an image of a girl in a headdress and you say to yourself, "Hey, I know some people find this offensive," and you see an opportunity to be morally superior. You come on here and wave around an indignation you don't even feel, because someone told you this kind of thing was bad and you have a chance to make yourself feel good and upright by shaming the artist. You think you look good by comparison standing on your soapbox.

But when is the last time you took the time out to write an article raising awareness about the misrepresentation of Native culture? When is the last time you even took a minute to read one? When's the last time you spoke with a Native historian to try to correct your own understanding of Native culture? Are you out there providing accurate representation of Native Culture in your art? When is the last time you organized or even attended a charity to benefit a Native American community? There might be one of you out there who's done any one of these things, but most of you are just trading on an issue you don't even care about for some moral superiority. Shame on you.

Vera, I'm sorry for getting on a soapbox in your comments section. These pseudo-PC censorship police make me so angry, though. Sometimes I just feel a need to speak out against it. As someone for whom gender equality and related issues are deeply personal, I get so angry when someone cheapens the cause by using pseudo-feminist language to slut shame and equate sexuality with sexism. I see this kind of thing in much the same light. I'm sure Native Americans have better things to be concerned about than what a model posts on her deviantArt page, but any number of armchair PC police are willing to make an issue out of nothing just so they can feel morally superior without really having to think or do anything themselves.

To those (likely few) of you who are Native American, and really did find yourself offended or hurt by this image, that's unfortunate. I feel certain that was never Vera's intention. I think that should count for something. I think the fact that Vera isn't doing what she is doing in an effort to hurt you should mean that even if you dislike it, you shouldn't try to make her feel ashamed for doing it. Intent matters.

I understand the need for accurate representation and cultural awareness, but it isn't any one artists responsibility to deliver those things or confine themselves within their bounds. This is just art. It's okay to educate people that a piece of art is not representative of your culture, but I don't think it's okay to censure the artist because it's not.

I find what Vera created here to be beautiful. If you disagree or you find it distasteful, that's your right. But that opinion doesn't give you the right to disrespect and disparage the artist by casting aspersions on her moral character for doing something harmless and benign. Even a casual appraisal will tell you that there's no malice here. There's not even any real risk of accidental negative influence. Anyone with any sanity or intelligence knows this sort of image doesn't reflect or represent your culture.
Veiny-Bones Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014   Filmographer
Intended or not acts of cultural appropriation are still bad. Even anything 80% of cultural appropriation and racism aren't intentional. Using art as an excuse to do things that are offensive is a cop out. Out is huge complex and creative, anyone who considers respect limiting isn't an artist. An even bigger issue is this is more than a drawing.

This is red face. No one dare touches blackface, but redface is totally fine? But like many people who perpetuate racial offenses do so by accident and use that as a shield, in which it isn't. If you do something wrong, you own up to it and avoid doing it again, you don't stab someone(or should I say a culture) in the back, say sorry and stab again.
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